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Kindergarten Toy Company

From: Data:17/08/2016 10:42:15
Kindergarten Toy variety, such as slides, Montessori, desks and chairs, bed cabinets, shelves, lawn, plastic toys, children's nature is to play, the toys for children to learn things, experience, intelligence has an extremely important development role for them, as long as something is in the side, can play took, they are playable toys.
Jiangsu Bao Le toy company (website: based on early childhood physical and mental development characteristics of a variety of professional custom toys nursery teaching, so that children in practical activities, through interaction with adults and partners, through playing, operating, monitoring experimental, hands-on brain to active learning.
Bao Le toy factory 30 years, always adhere to honesty, quality win. For the children in the production at ease environmental pollution of children's toys, insisted no feed back, no defective raw materials, production processes adhere to environmental protection, quality first, rest assured that the product concept, and has won the recognition of the relevant state agencies.
Jiangsu Bao Le toy factory do not speak empty words, lying, lies, toy factory door is always open, Address: Baoying County, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, Cao Austin Industrial Park (office area Lok Building)
Customer Service Tel: + 86-0514-88621988 Email:, the sessions are welcome to visit, Bao Le toys, like the parents care for their own children take care of your children!