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Kindergarten large toy factory

From: Data:17/08/2016 10:51:20
The best nursery large toy manufacturers is to look at the factory, look at the toy manufacturing process, whether the requirements can be achieved colorless and odorless, are there other harmful substances, the nursery large toy There are many types of different classes of kindergartens toy prices are also different, there are a few dozen to several thousand common nursery toys with slides, naughty fort, swings, toys and other outdoor experiences.
Bao Le toy factory in Jiangsu do not speak empty words, lying, lies, toy factory door is always open, the sessions are welcome to visit, Bao Le toys, like the parents care for their own children take care of your child.
Bao Le toy factory built in 1983, is a research and development, design, manufacturing, installation of a variety of large, medium and small children's toys and children's play facilities professional manufacturers. It has many years of design, manufacturing a variety of children's toys and children's play facilities experience.
Bao Le toy factory Contact: Rolf Jiangsu Industrial Co., Ltd. Address: Baoying Yangzhou Cao Austin Industrial Park (office area Lok Building)
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