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These high force grid novelty toys you certainly did not play

From: Data:19/12/2016 01:13:22

Tencent digital news (Mi Ke) eleven holiday just past, I do not know how to spend the. Whether to go out or stay home, huge crowds of people chase chase drama animation, no matter what kind of choice seems to have what idea. Although the holiday has been away from us, but even the usual weekend how to play is still plagued by us.

BajaBoard electric skateboard

outdoor sports enthusiasts of the slide must be very familiar with, but in general we ordinary people, the common skate power from human single leg support, so the process can also be said is very demanding, but also very influence the coherence of action. But at present a named bajaboard electric skateboard, itself could provide power and can bring common slate with a distinct experience.

BajaBoard electric skateboard is slightly larger than the general board, the board surface is made of fibers, to reduce the overall weight of the slide. It has 4 wheels, equipped with 12KW of the battery, the maximum speed can reach 50km/h. You can use the wireless remote control to control it, very convenient, in any terrain can easily control. Enough of the

BajaBoard power, each wheel by a 3kW non brush motor drive, power is 12KW. The power and some of the small displacement motorcycles have comparable the. Under the weight of 100 kg still has a good climbing ability. Its front and rear double wishbone suspension provides excellent stability and handling, and let bajaboard do sweep the deck most of the rough terrain. This may be the world's best through the performance of the “ &rdquo. Shock absorption system in addition to providing a certain comfort, but also to ensure that the user to ride a BajaBoard jump to maintain stability, the road along the road, over the drain is not a problem.

BajaBoard and a & ldquo; electronic brain & rdquo; to control output power, and can customize the parameters, such as maximum speed, throttle sensitivity, if feel too fast speed of bajaboard, you can the dynamic parameter tuning it mildly. It's throttle and brake through a similar remote control car handle thing control, it is worth mentioning that the BajaBoard uses a dual throttle, you can control the output of the front and rear wheels.

if you like long slide plate mountain ski or mountain bike movement. Bajaboard is a challenge their choice. Even if it is to go on a trip when the handsome, BajaBoard is far better than other “ electric toys ”. When we were young, the simplest toy is

PowerUp 3.0 remote paper airplane

paper airplane, but it flew far and near depends entirely on folding method, sometimes even also have the & ldquo; Head & rdquo; sticky saliva to fly farther. But no matter how paper airplane in the air time just a few seconds, no fun. Intelligent

PowerUp control paper airplane kit is designed is to let users in to a new form of high-tech to relive childhood paper airplane fun, but also more easily to it for free manipulation. With the PowerUp series of intelligent control of the paper aircraft kit R & D, people's dream is about to come true. The new PowerUp 3 intelligent control paper airplane kit quality is very light, easy to carry and fly. The built-in intelligent module frame is made of anti impact carbon fiber, which can effectively resist the impact of falling, thus making it more durable.

PowerUp 3.0 intelligent control paper aircraft kits biggest characteristic is that it will fold the paper out any homemade aircraft into by the smart phone remote control electric toy plane, with very large flexibility. This remote control paper aircraft production process is very simple, and it is not too high for the material of the paper aircraft requirements, ordinary copy paper. Only need a strong enough paper fold out a paper airplane, then the powerup 3.0 intelligent control paper aircraft kits are fixed on the paper plane, through the app on the phone with powerup 3.0 intelligent control intelligent module of the paper airplane kit built paired, then just throw the plane, can remote control.

supporting remote app is also very practical, interface consists of a virtual throttle control rod, a magnetic control compass, a battery state instructions, state of charge indicator, indicating the distance, engine rated thrust direction, artificial horizon and the ATC system. Through the virtual throttle control lever, the user can easily control the rise and fall of the aircraft movement; through the magnetic control compass, the user can control the direction of the aircraft through the left and right tilt the phone. At the same time, the user can also be very clear and intuitive understanding of the aircraft's power status, so that in a timely manner to charge.

MotionSynth somatosensory instruments

if you are not good at sports or quiet like a theatrical play, then the MotionSynth sense of musical instruments can be directly allows you to instantly cool and clinking.

MotionSynth in the form of mobile phone accessories, it can be added to your iPhone or iPod touch, through the application of tracking user movement to produce sound, you are in the hands of the iPhone into a controlled by the gestures of new musical instruments, and simple analog guitar or piano after all. design motion synth to take into account the user is electronic musician, but ordinary users can also use it, such as dancers, artists, or hope through participation in to teach children scale of music teachers.

Moff toys smart Bracelet

adults and friends in addition to their own fun to play also do not forget their own family of children. And this Moff smart toy bracelet is very suitable for children, not only the function of the security is also very magical. It can be all things can be “ talk ” toys, will inspire the curiosity of the children.

Moff Bracelet design idea is very simple, it is the use of children's imagination, so that a variety of objects in the home with the virtual sound transformation of the children's “ small partner ”. In addition, the shape of the Moff smart Bracelet design is very simple, it does not have a dial, only a power button, the speaker opening and changing the opening of the battery. There is no lock ring watch strap pops, easy to wear little friends. At present, the official response to this product provides a variety of distinctive color styles include: purple, orange, yellow, green, blue, five color choice.

Moff smart Bracelet built three axis acceleration sensors, gyroscope sensors to monitor the user's waving action, and in a timely manner in the ring on the speaker to play the corresponding sound. In addition, Moff smart Bracelet supports Bluetooth 4 technology, you can connect with the App smart devices, while the battery is the CR2032 model of button batteries, the battery can be used for nearly 30 hours.

Moff smart bracelet of is also very simple to use, when the kids to wear on its exercise, Moff smart bracelet will induction to the user's gestures, and transmit the information to the app and app smart devices will make the analysis of the action, finally issued the corresponding sound. If the child raised the triangle ruler when the gun, the intelligent equipment will be issued a gun; when the little friend with a broom to make the appearance of the guitar, smart devices will be issued a guitar sound.

Moff smart bracelet is equipped with a dedicated App applications, the program contains a lot of interesting sound effects, such as guitar sound, tennis sound, the sound of the aircraft, toy guns, toy sword, billiards, etc.. In addition, the children can also be based on their own preferences through intelligent devices to download more sound.

ZR Hoverboard floating skateboard

finally to everybody introduction is a high force lattice water surfing the slider suspension far as the HoverBoard, but the price may be expensive, worth also need your own measure.

this surfing board from the French water jet boat man of the hour Franky Zapata, it launched a practical and ornamental products similar to combination & mdash; Zr far as the HoverBoard. From a literal point of view, this product will be the original Flyboard“ fly board ” into Hoverboard“ floating board ”, less some of the thrill, a little more secure.

Hoverboard through a root length of 18 meters water pipe and the water spraying motor is connected and motor boat exhaust flow through the nozzle of the water transfer to a plate at the bottom, to give enough momentum to far as the HoverBoard can move freely in the water. At the same time, 18 meters long water pipes also give users enough space for movement, the maximum can jump up to 5 meters high, the user can reach speeds of 25 kilometers per hour.

control Hoverboard is also very simple, the entire device includes a control device can be held in the hands of users, by controlling the power of the motor boat, and then control the rhythm of the movement of Hoverboard in water.

Hoverboard is priced at $5850 (about 36000 yuan), including Hoverboard surf board, pump interface, “ U” pipe, main hose, hose connection accessories and additional hardware.


11 after the weekend again to come before us, we might as well make an appointment on 35 good friends play these newfangled gadgets in the home, or find someone less traffic and good place to play skateboard exchange experience is also very good.