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Hong Kong enterprises in the mainland to study the mainland's hottest animation market

From: Data:19/12/2016 07:46:11
> China News Agency, Hong Kong, September 29 “ "pleasant goat" and "bear" is now mainland very red in the cartoon, by studying them and related toy products, understand the mainland children's preferences and the toy market demand & hellip; & hellip; & rdquo; Hong Kong Federation of industry and commerce industry together with the Hong Kong toy industry 29 held a seminar, to share the Hong Kong toy industry to open up the mainland market experience. According to the latest data from the Hongkong Statistics Department, Hongkong, toy exports in 2013 amounted to more than 8 billion U.S. dollars, is the world's second largest exporter of toys. And the Hong Kong TDC data shows, to Europe, the Hong Kong toy exports have been by 31.9% in 2011 fell to 22.6% in 2013, and for Hong Kong and the mainland of China's toy export volume is by 24.1% in 2011 rose to 28.1% in 2013, China is becoming a Hong Kong new and important market. &ldquo
; according to the National Bureau of Statistics figures, China's toy market turnover reached 2 billion 200 million yuan in 2012. But the United States spent $284 a year to buy toys, while China's figure is only $23, which shows the huge development of the mainland market space. ” Hongkong, a toy company director and designer Wen Yingyao at the seminar, said the mainland fertility policy is open, and will further expand the market, “ the mainland market is very impressive. ”
mutant, Hongkong toy industry in-depth study of mainland consumption habits. & ldquo; we from Taobao and tmall, famous shopping website of toy purchase preference, & rdquo; said the Yingyao, & ldquo; found that mainland consumers are willing to pay higher prices to buy foreign cartoon image of toys, and local cartoon image is used in parity and toy design. & rdquo; at the same time,
. Participants were pointed out, the festival culture, current affairs news of the toy popular also affected; mainland parents' preferences durable toys; tendency of the mainland market toys packaging color bright; and mainland consumers trust the advertisement, so Hong Kong enterprises should attach importance to the mainland advertising delivery & hellip; & hellip;
Hong Kong toy association chairman Tang Cheng facing the China News Agency reporter introduction, the Hong Kong toy industry have more than 60 years of history and experience in production management, listed the highest in the world, a strong competitive advantage in quality, design and creative. Hong Kong toy brands should actively use its recognition in the mainland, the development of the mainland parents increasingly tend to buy safe, novel, intellectual development and technology elements of the toys and R & D own brand, meet the business transformation.
however, soup Chengzheng stressed that the mainland market in Europe and America there is a significant difference between & ldquo; in addition to the children about cultural differences, at present, Hong Kong enterprises need adapt to the mainland retail and distribution system, and from the inside out open the huge mainland toy market.
; &rdquo

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