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The goddess Bobbi doll was India bespatter

From: Data:19/12/2016 10:27:21
[ of round the world network comprehensive report ] according to the British "Metropolis Daily" September 27 reported, recently, produced for the Indian goddess Kali (kali) image of the Barbie doll, caused by Indian National anger.
Argentinian artist nella & rsquo; Perret (Marianela Perelli) and Poole & rsquo; guaranteed LiNi (pool Paolini) will host a Barbie and Ken dolls of the art exhibition. These dolls are made from the image of religious figures, including Jesus and the Virgin Mary Maria. Where the goddess of India Carly, four arm raised the image of the head of the India national condemnation.
India missionary said: “ India does not oppose the arts into religion, but must be taken seriously, and be respected. Can not distort the concept of Hindu and discredit the image of god. The image of the Bobbi doll is obviously not appropriate, and the goddess does not match. We support freedom of speech, but the belief is sacred. ”
it is reported that, although the two artists caused public anger, but they said Carly's image and the image of the Islamic pioneer Mohammed is very obvious difference. However, the relevant spokesman for the Mohammed doll is also a negative attitude.