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Yangzhou, a play with the building blocks of substandard

From: Data:19/12/2016 12:25:39
> Washington recently, the State General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of 39 kinds of products of the sampling, Yangzhou Qile Toys Co., Ltd production association building blocks, for & ldquo; circular rigid material & rdquo; project standards, was sentenced to failure. The
, General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine checks the production of 2884 3011 batches of products (not related to export products), involving household and textiles, electronic and electrical appliances, light industrial products, agricultural production materials, mechanical security products and electrical products. A total of 325 batches of substandard, substandard product detection rate was 10.8%.
toys were sampled 195 batches, including plastic toys, electric toys, dolls, toys, metal toys and Toy 5 varieties. Spot checks found that there are 6 batches of products do not meet the requirements of the standard. These substandard products related enterprises have Yangzhou Qile Toys Co., Ltd., Wenzhou City Longwan someone can stationery factory, Wenzhou City Lucheng Liming pioneer stationery factory, the five-star Guangdong Toys Co., Ltd., Shantou City Chenghai District Kai Sheng long span> toy factory and Dongguan City Shijie Fuda Cannes plastic factory and other six companies.
Yangzhou Qile Toys Co., Ltd production association building blocks, is because the & ldquo; circular rigid material & rdquo; items are not standard was sentenced to failure. City quality inspection said that a person who is not qualified for the round hole project, mainly because of the rigid material on the toy can touch the hole, will cause the baby to clamp the risk of finger.
Municipal Quality Supervision Department staff told reporters that countries had made specific provision, 6 major categories of toys without 3C certification mark can not be sold, otherwise it will be subject to punishment, respectively, for the baby stroller, electric toys, plastic toys, ejection toys, dolls and metal. The source also said that there is no into these 6 categories of toys due to the need for 3C certification, security is also lower than the 6 categories of toys. As for some of the EU certification mark on the market toys, but also did not pass the domestic 3C certification, security can not be guaranteed. Parents to buy toys for their children, must want to buy have to protect the safety of toys, top should be with the factory name, site, brochures, 3C certification, and for some other details are described. Otherwise, there is likely to be buried security risks.

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