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The EU attaches great importance to infant protection through the two preservatives in cosmetics using

From: Data:19/12/2016 13:07:00
> the European Commission September 26 by the two limitations of preservatives in cosmetics instruction, to further strengthen the consumer especially the protection of infants and young children, the resolution also Appendix A by the Scientific Committee for consumer safety (SCCS, to carry out risk assessment materials, an independent advisory body) to develop assessment documents.
directive stipulates that the C of benzene Propylben and the two preservatives butyl p-hydroxybenzoate (Butylben) largest concentration of restrictions from current 0.4% (use a separate condition) or 0.8% (and other esters mixed use conditions under) to 0.14% reduction (single or mixed use conditions), and banned the designed for three children under the age of skin sensitive parts of the design of disposable products using the above two kinds of preservatives.
the directive will be on the shelves of products in April 16, 2015, the official entry into force. Another directive stipulates that prohibit chloromethyl ISO plug pyrazolone, methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI) and methyl ISO plug quinazoline ketone methylisothiazolinone (MI) in such as a skin cream disposable products in mixed use, to reduce the risk of skin allergies. But the preservative can still be used in shampoo, shower gel and other flushing products, but the maximum concentration can not exceed 0.0015% (MI and MCI concentration ratio of 3:1 under the conditions). The directive will be on the shelves of products in July 16, 2015, the official entry into force.

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