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EU on China's "TOYS MARCOS" brand toys long ball issued a consumer warning

From: Data:19/12/2016 14:26:15

September 26, 2014, the European Commission for non food rapid alert system (RAPEX) on the Chinese production of “ MARCO' TOYS&rdquo S; toy yo yo issued a consumer warning. Notification of the case for spain. The notification of the toy yo yo for the rubber texture, modeling for the baby face, and contains the battery. The bar code for the product is 8435399001491, the product in the organization for economic cooperation and development (Portal Category OECD) is 86000000 (toys).
the toy Yo Yo is easy to bring the child to bring the risk of suffocation and chemical risk. Yo Yo with a button battery can easily be removed, children at play, prone to eating, the battery may bring chemical risk. In addition, the elastic connection rope of the Yo Yo is easy to be broken, the small parts are likely to be swallowed by children, so as to bring about the danger of suffocation. The product does not comply with the requirements of the toy safety directive and the European standard EN62115 and EN71-1.
at present, the Spanish authorities have taken the withdrawal of the above-mentioned products market enforcement measures.